eFoil session

1 eFoil $100/hr
2 eFoils $160/hr
3 eFoils $200/hr

Experience an unforgettable flight with the LIFT3 eFoil. Our easiest board is 5'9" long, providing stability with a large foil for low-speed riding. Our instructor rides alongside you to offer personalized feedback, helping you get the hang of it quickly. For those seeking a challenge, we have 4'9" and 4'2" eFoils available, which offer more excitement with sharper turns at faster speeds. Our first-time riders have included experienced surfers and water sport newbies, all of which learned to fly during their initial lesson.

two efoilers

Surf foil session


If you want to start foiling successfully, you should try our setup. We provide a buoyant board, a short mast, and a stable foil that make the learning process easier. During most of our lessons, we have a second person in the boat to coach you. With a few pointers and attempts, we can get you foiling the entire length of the lake. Most people begin surfing the wave without a handle on their first day. Foiling becomes more enjoyable the longer you do it. Trust us, we are now in our third season of foiling and improve every day.

surf foiling

Off-site session

We will take the eFoils and Surf Foils to any body of water in our area that we deem suitable for foiling. We can bring 4 batteries and up to 3 eFoils allowing everyone in your group to get a chance to ride. The rates will vary by location. Contact us to get a quote.

bass lake

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